Shoot! That's Soul Food!

For Stu!'s birthday in September I bought a ton of Indian food, because she digs it, and we had a party. So for Jen's birthday, I wanted to do the same thing, only I didn't know what kind of food she would really dig. So I asked, and she said, "Oh, anything is fine."

I settled on Soul food, which is hilarious, because have you seen Jen? Blond hair, blue eyes, grew up in the suburbs, used to drive A VOLVO!?

And this was good, real Soul food, just like my (black) grandmother used to make.

I have a ton of leftovers, but I'm pretty sure everybody was nice and full. They all waddled out of my house clutching their stomachs... probably because real soul food is 90% butter.

I got collared greens (NOT colored greens!), but I skipped the chitterlings (although you really pronounce it "chit'lin's"). (If you haven't had the pleasure, chit'lin's are fried pig intestines, and smell like shit and death. I'm not kidding.) There was corn bread muffins, yams (my fave) mac & cheese (of course) and potato salad. The main dish was fried chicken. If the only fried chicken you've had comes from KFC, you're missing out on an experience.

For dessert (no, not watermelon!) I made Sprinkles mint chocolate cupcakes and sugar cookies in the shape of J's that I got everyone to frost and take home.

Let no one ever accuse me of underfeeding my guests.