In Which I Demonstrate That I Am Not Really An Adult

I have a problem: I'm slow. Once I understand something, and really "get it", I can rock it out, but until I do, I'm lost. The problem is that I don't know that I don't understand something until I have a second to go over it in my head, and usually, by then, it's too late.

Case in point: I talked to my lawyer yesterday, and he said a bunch of stuff about numbers and stuff and closing costs and deposits and timing and mortgages, and I'm all "Uh-huh. Mmmm-hmmm."

I was typing notes furiously during this conversation, too, because I knew it was important.

The last thing he said was, "Ok, so talk to your mortgage broker and then call me tomorrow." and I was all, "Oh, right, sure thing!" I hung up, and immediately forgot our conversation. But it's supposed to be ok, because I have notes, right?

These are my notes:

builder is unsavory guy


how do we know what kind of mortgage to get? Find out.

BUILDER IS UNSAVORY GUY? Right, because the lawyer Googled the builder of the condo we looked at (it's still under construction) and found out he did some shady stuff in the past. But I had to write that down? At the expense of other, important info?

Apparently, too, I need a mortgage asap, but I don't actually remember that part of the conversation. Also, I didn't write it down, but I think I need to write someone a check for sixty thousand dollars, which I remember because at first I thought he was saying I needed to write a check for half a million dollars and I freaked out. But I have no idea by when, what for, or who to.