Happy Valentines Day (or Happy Singleness Awarness Day - SAD, depending on where you're coming from)

If you find yourself single this Valentines Day, take comfort in knowing that there is, in fact, a lid to every pot.

For instance!
An average sized man and a morbidly obese woman find mutual satisfaction in her smothering him with her fat rolls. (Not really NSFW, but still, use caution when you open it... it's a clip from the Tyra show).

Gary Colman finds tall, gummy white love. Normally, the most note worthy part of this union is that he's 40 and she's 22, but in this case, it so fucking isn't.


Feeling Republican? Send one of these Valentines to your GOP friends.

Feeling bitter? Let Nazareth rock your pain away.

Happy Valentines Day!