Damn Hell

Since I'm having so much trouble with the "Being Grownup" business, I submit my list of things that totally rock about being an adult.

Sex! (Duh.), daily morning coffee, being able to see over counters, dog ownership, stilettos, driving, sexy underwear, dinners consisting entirely of mashed potatoes and a hot fudge sundae, tequila shots, solo vacations, credit cards, being able to jump on the bed without getting into trouble, swearing (damn hell!), online shopping, career choices, not having to go to church (just me?), leaving the dishes in the sink overnight, porn! (oh, shut up. like you've never peeked at RedTube!)*, a deeper appreciation of art, shopping, sitting too close to the TV, getting married, sushi, staying up late, having a "PJs only" day, eating dinner while watching a movie IN THE LIVING ROOM, massages, and being able to talk to strangers.


*and everyone Googled furiously.