709 Square Feet

For Christmas I gave my brother a "coupon" good for whatever he wanted provided he went shopping with me. I figured it would be easier than trying not to buy him a lame gift and would be a good opportunity to hang out with him.

Saturday he cashed it in and we wound up in the gun department of Dick's Sports, which lead to a long and probably way too thorough conversation on how, down to detail, we would use the entire store to survive a zombie attack should one occur.

I'm glad I'm covered.

Sunday we found an apartment that's 709 square feet. (small! eek!) It's amazingly affordable, though, and the view is "a million dollar view" of Manhattan.

We're looking at other places, too, but I think this is it. Now it's time to get rid of stuff! I started with the pool table sitting collecting dust in our basement. Rob came home with it about a year ago, after getting it from a friend for free. I was annoyed, but he promised that it would get set up and used and loved and be totally awesome.

It didn't and it wasn't, and has been the bane of my existence for as long as it's been there.

Sunday I put it on Freecycle, and an enthusiastic dude came to check it out. He is going to come by with his buddies tomorrow to pick it up. When he told me how much it was worth, I realized we probably should have tried to sell it. Ah well.

In other news: Happy Leeloo-versary to us! In one year she's gone from scrawny, sad and shy to bold, cuddly, sweet and fat. I love her.