So, What Do You Do?

It's often an awkward, strange moment when people ask what I "do for a living" and I tell them that I'm a housewife. Because I don't look like one? Because I'm cute, with a great rack? Because I'm 25? I don't know.

Most people raise their eyebrows, and go, "Oh." I guess that's not very feminist of me? I don't know. I feel like a feminist: equal rights for women and all. It makes me crazy when I hear of women not voting because it's "too much work to go vote". I love that women can go to school, be educated and can climb the corporate ladder. Women should be able to do whatever they want. Actually, I think most people feel this way, which is why I'm confused when I get "weird looks" for staying home. I'm doing exactly what I want to, and I'm thrilled.

If THE PERFECT JOB came along, I'm free to take it, but it hasn't and we're fine financially, so... here I am!