Pandas Eat It, Ambers Sleep On It

After searching for organic cotton bedding, and finding none suitable (ugly colors or ridiculous prices) I came across bamboo sheets in Target. If you've never had something made from bamboo material, you would be hesitant to select it based on how it feels new. The texture is ok, but a little on the rough side. The beauty comes when you wash it a few times. It mellows out into this soft, supple fabric that is extremely durable. I love ours!

I'm now in search of an organic or bamboo duvet cover. The choice between these two materials comes down to sustainability, and what is the most environmentally friendly: organic cotton is grown without the pesticides that are used in conventional cotton, and bamboo is so easy to grow without ANY pesticides, and so easily renewed, that it is an excellent choice for the eco-conscious consumer.

My PSA for the day.

Update: DO YOU KNOW HOW FREAKIN' HARD IT IS TO FIND ORGANIC COTTON OR BAMBOO DUVET COVERS! ARRRRGH! I found this company, Amenity, that makes designs that are ridiculously expensive, but dreamy, and everything I like is SOLD OUT!