Yesterday I took the kids to play at Stu!'s house in her big-ass backyard with Jackson, her 2 year old (right?) lab and Clea her ancient hound mix. I felt bad for Jack. He's really a cutie pie, but he's so dumb and big and full of energy, and my two were like, "Yeah, dude, we're kind of busy now, so, um, here. Go play with this tennis ball. Alone. Pronto."

Jack would look back at Stu! as if to say, "Mom, why aren't they playing with me? I like them! I want to be friends. I'm gonna go try again! HEEEEEEEEY GUYS!" and off he would bound, only to be rejected again by my snotty duo.

Oh, Jack. I've been there.

He has more energy than mine do, meaning that, when he could get M & L to play with him, he would run the length of the yard four times while my two were almost immediately dog tired (sorry). Maybe he'll find a better friend in Tino, who will be home in six days.