Love Handle Tan Lines

I have a tan! Finally! I broke all the rules I have about sun safety and spent the day in my bathing suit by the pool, zero sunscreen, tanning my very pasty middle. My arms and shoulders are a gorgeous golden brown, and my lower legs look great, but my thighs and torso were still winter pale.

Unfortunately, I'm chubby, and when I sat with my back to the sun, my love handles didn't tan in the middle, so now, when I stand up straight and love handle-less, you can see my chub lines. It's highly unattractive and really funny. But other than that, my tan is pretty good.

I know, I'm really boring.

Tomorrow we're going to the rain forest, which I'm not really that excited about. I'm in no mood for excursions; I want to sleep and bask in the few days of sun I have left before I return to what is apparently all cold, miserable rain in Connecticut. I'll be a good sport about it, though; Rob is really excited.

I really miss M & L.