Decked Out

I have a decorated tree! My friends fully rule; Jen, Micha and Stu! came over last night and helped decorate (and Stu! brought me Starbucks Christmas tea, my fave).

The tree is really, really gaudy. Every year for the past five years, I've bought a few ornaments to add to my collection, and I planned on doing so for a long time. Really, though, I think I might have to stop It's pretty full, and I didn't use all of my ornaments (I skipped the "filler" ones that have no sentimental value, like the colored balls).

As soon as I figure out my new camera, I'll post pictures. I'm tempted to go back to my old one, but I'm trying to do a "full immersion" sort of thing.

The whole living room is pretty Christmasy, and Rob is sad that there's not enough Hanukkah decorations. "Maybe some window clings?" he said, and I glared at him. There will be no "window clings" in my decorating.