Beachy Ramblings

"We're sleeping", when told to Rob's parents, means one of two things: we have "digestive issues" and are terrified to go more than ten feet away from the bathroom, or we're doing it.

There has been way too much of the first and not nearly enough of the second in comparison. I don't know if it's the traveling, the food (I'm really trying to eat well) or the Bacardi-fueled sun/ocean/pool/hot tub/pool/hot tub/pool thing we have going on, but I am not so much with the feeling well.

Oh, I'm sorry, were you eating?

I'm actually kinda bored. The beach is unbelievably beautiful, and it's wonderfully warm, but there's only so much laying around I can do before I'm restless. Playing in the ocean is cool, though; I haven't done that in years. I got knocked around a few times before I learned to move with the waves, and body surf. I had my bikini top wrenched off of my body at one point, and had to retie it with one hand while I tried unsuccessfully to keep myself modest with the other. Saturday, I ended up stopping at a store in Long Island to grab some suits before we left. My mother-in-law realized where I was going and offered to come with me. I declined. She's nice and all, but I'm pretty sure there's a special ring of hell where you have to eternally shop for bathing suits with your mother-in-law. I have more swimsuits now that I have owned in the past decade. I had stopped wearing them all together because of the chubby on my bod, but I don't really care that much any more. I'll loose weight eventually, but in the meantime I'm not going to not have fun (although I still won't run around in my bathing suit in front of my in-laws. Because ew. Rob doesn't get it and thinks I'm stuck up about it, but seriously? There are things they just don't need to see).

We're an hour ahead of NY time, meaning I get Christmas an hour before I usually would have! I'm excited to go swimming on Christmas (and my brother and sister in law are coming down to join us tomorrow evening, which rocks).

I leave you with this picture, which illustrates my nearly constant state: no makeup, no hair product (I'm pointing at the 'fro-y-ness), and a bracelet that allows me on the beach. I'm so fashionable.