Bathing Suits and Sushi

Hi, Blog.

Ok. Updateing time.

Bathing suits. Normally my problem with bathing suits has to do with my boobs and hips being too voluptuous. My problem right NOW is that they're not even here! I ordered them on December 7, figuring they'd arrive with plenty of time for my vacation. No dice. So I have to trek into Manhattan the Saturday before Christmas and go swimsuit shopping, because unlike the rest of the world, I can't just walk into a store and grab a bathing suit that fits me. The girls, the hips... there's just a lot of stuff going in all sorts of directions and things that need to get lifted, and nipped in and held down... it's complicated. Very complicated, and jiggly, and disheartening. I'd really rather shop online, but, alas! I must subject myself to trying on bathing suits in a dressing room, and probably will have to fend off "helpful" shop keepers.

I had lunch with G to day; sushi. She's a pro, and I let her order me all sorts of things. The coolest part was when she asked the chef if he had any fins around. Most people don't eat the fins of the salmon, so they are disposed of, but those "in the know" take them, flash fry them in tempura batter, and eat them hot. Since she is a regular where we went, the chef prepared them for us as a treat. We ate them with our hands like little kids, while the other customers got jealous. It reminded me of the Little House on the Prairie books where Mary and Laura got the pig's tail after Pa slaughtered the hog. (Shut UP! Those books are good!)

We had a couple of bottles of carbonated sake, which was wonderful, and stronger than I thought... we went to Old Navy after and I shopped in a fog, even though I wasn't drunk. I bought $130 worth of stuff that I don't even remember, and ended up losing the sweater that I walked in with! (Hey, I walked out in new, on-sale cashmere... it wasn't a bad trade).