Purse Aquired!

I walked into a brick and mortar J.Crew, just to look at the purse. I figured if it was really so wonderful, I'd buy it and not have shipping to pay. I was in the area anyhow.

It's really pretty, and still on sale. The local store was also having a 50% off of marked-down sale items, so the $78 retail purse was $15.


There was no way I was leaving it there; that would have been a Lavender Coat mistake. That's when you find something so pretty and practical, but not absolutely essential, so you don't buy it and then you regret it for the next decade. Such mistakes are so named because, in 1998, I found a marked down lavender pea coat in the Gap; it fit perfectly and was over 50% off. I still wish I bought that coat... it would have gone great with my new purse.

UPDATE: it's a good thing I did go look; it sold out already online!