I've been trying to do that whole Noblogma, or whateverthefuck, where you write a blog post every day for the month of November. I wanted to do it unofficially, because while I like dorky bandwagons just as much as the next geeky hipster, I didn't want to say I was going to do it and then not do it. But, with a few exceptions (that I made up for), I've rocked it, and now, in the home stretch, I'm allowing myself a tiny bit of room to gloat. Woohoo.

Except, right now? I have nothing to say. Nothing. I guess I could talk about how we stopped delivery of our newspaper on the 8th of this month, and they are still leaving a paper in my driveway every day anyway. I called four times to get them to stop, and then I called the director of circulation, whose secretary promised to "yell a little louder" for me.


I found some pictures that I never put on flickr or posted here. I think if you click on them, you can see them larger.

That's Leeloo. I'll never understand why I can't keep her out of a lake, why every fiber of her tiny body radiates with pure joy while she is in a lake, but baths are the worst thing I can possibly do to her.

This is what the living room looked like while we were switching everything around. It still kinda looks like this, only a little cleaner. M & L were so overwhelmed and depressed by it all; can you tell? The spent the week looking at me like this, as if to say, "When are you slobs going to clean this place up?"

Yes, I anthropomorphise my dogs.

This is a picture of the wall color in our new bedroom. I really dig it; it's "chill", as Jen said. (This is the top of our dresser, with our accidental collection of piggy banks.)

This is Rob's halloween costume. It's a tee shirt, and he made it in about 10 seconds, right before we went over to Jen and Micah's house. He looks forward to killing you soon.