My d'Orsay Love Affair

Here's the thing, right? Time to 'fess up. My heels are NASTY! I exfoliate, moisturize and sleep and socks, but my heels are still cracked, dry, and gross. Sometimes, they bleed. It's horrendous.

Obviously, I hate strapy shoes that show off the grossness of them, however, I don't want to shimmy into a sexy little dress and have to wear boring, sensible pumps to hide my skanky feet.

It is for this reason, (and the fact that they are devilishly, deliciously sexy) that I love d'Orsay shoes. Why they aren't ridiculously popular, I have no idea.

d'Orsay shoes are like regular pumps, but they have both sides cut off, displaying the arch of the foot. Usually, they also have a peep-toe. My grandmother said that in the 50's, they were extremely popular, but today, not so much. So far, the only non-designer (read: sub-$450) ones I've found are at J.Crew, and they beautiful. This holiday season, they have cute bows and come in yummy jewel tones as well as basic black. They've had various versions of the d'Orsay for the past few seasons, leaving me drooling all over the catalog. If they weren't so damn expensive (and they are, in an over-priced way, not a expensive-but-worth-it way) I'd have every single color.

Pretty, yes?! They'll set you back $225, which is ridiculous. But I want them.