House Stuff, Again

I have cleaned out the office! It was wicked dusty and there were hairballs everywhere (damn dogs). I have to pick a paint color now for this office-cum-bedroom. I'm thinking a light gray. Kind of zzzz, but this is the last time it will be painted before we move, and I need something universally appealing.

Ideally, I'd paint the living room, too, but the thought of having every paintable thing in the house painted makes my head explode, so for now, it's still the blue and brown, which I love. The problem is that we used cheap paint, and it's peeling. We also did a craptastical job, because we just wanted to move in quickly, and there are roller marks on the ceiling.

I'm putting up shelving in the living room. It seems that the Thing To Do nowadays is have shelves going from the middle of the wall to the ceiling, leaving the floor space to have furniture; a by-product of the anti-McMansion movement where people are moving into less square footage, and space is at a premium. I was inspired by this photo, from Design*Sponge.

I looked at the Container Store, thinking something like this would be good, but yikes! le Expensive! Especially since I would need several.

Ikea has JARPEN shelves that would work, and you can cut them for length, I think, and pick from brackets they have that are perfectly sized for them. Ikea is my go-to solution for everything home related, since everything is cheap and I'm fickle, and not at the point where I'm ready to invest mucho mula into furniture. Seriously, though? They only seem to have the color I want on the West Coast. Because they hate me. They're available to order online, and are $90 without shipping, or brackets. Because they hate me.

I'm tempted to just use inexpensive stained boards, and put the savings toward cute brackets from Anthropologie.

Actually, this second one is on sale for $8, meaning I could get six for under $50! (They're normally $20 each).