Are You In Or Are You Awut?

Yay! There's a new season of Project Runway (thank you, Rockstar Mommy for reminding me to set my DVR!!)

It's always wonderful to watch, but with all of my favorite shows grinding to a halt in the next few weeks, I'm glad I'll have PR to see me through.

All of the girls are super cute and quirky in a way I could never pull off, would never want to pull off, but love when other people do. There's always one bitchy one, but I don't know who it is yet. I know who's really annoying though. Elisa, who wanted to "imbue" her silk chiffon with grass stains. Honey, you were just getting expensive fabric dirty. Don't kid yourself. Elisa claims she likes to "feed her fabric" with oils and natural elements, and she declared that she was going for a "haiku of a cut" when asked to explain her, frankly, ugly dress.

The lingerie designer was crying at the magnitude of being on Project Runway (which? give me a break.), I loved the winning dress and the chick who did the loosing dress should have known better. Katherine did the same dress last season in the fourth challenge with the dogs, and she got booted for it.

Tim! He's so sweet, gentle and caring. If I could choose my relatives, I'd make him my Uncle Tim, and go to him with all of my problems. He would stand there nodding with his hand on his chin in a caring way, really listening. His forhead would wrinkle in that perfectly concerned way (but not too much because, you know, botox). And then he would say, "Well, Amber, I don't know what to tell you, but make it work." Love him!