We're Moving... This Month! (Maybe Next.)

When we moved into this place, I made the last minute decision to let Rob have the larger bedroom for his home office to record music and display his toys and posters. It's kind of turned into a catch-all for a lot of other stuff, too ("Where does this go?" "I dunno." "Stick it in there!" is a pretty common conversation in our house). It's become a huge mess, a huge eyesore, and the bane of my existence. Rob doesn't even need a home office now that he's working for "the Man". And while we're still very cozy in our closet sized bedroom, I'd like bigger digs. Plus, the loud crazy neighbors are right outside our current bedroom window, and when I'm trying to sleep in (or get it on), I don't want to hear them (Or have them hear us. One time we left the window open, and after, I saw they were all sitting outside pretending not to hear us. I pulled a jacket over my head to get the newspaper for weeks afterward).

I want to build a closet and paint the whole room. My goal is to have it done by Christmas, and by "Christmas" I mean December 15, when we're having our annual party.

In case you're wondering, no. I have zero idea how to build a closet. It'll work out.