So, About That Vacation

Amazing! Loved it!

Hanging out with all of Rob's immediate family (and almost all of their spouses and children) made me nervous, but it turned out nicely, and we all got to bond. There was a lot that happened, and I won't bore you with all of it, but I was really happy by the end of the trip.

I kind of had it in my head that Disneyworld wouldn't be so "magical" at 25, but it really is. In a different way, of course, but I don't think I even had this much fun when I was there when I was 18. When I first saw Cinderella's castle, I got really excited.

That shot is my first look at the castle, and I was teary eyed when I took it. Which? Is sappy.

I'm slowly loading my pics from the trip onto their own set on flickr, and they should be all up in a few days.

We're already planning our next trip back; I never got to really do the Epcot Countries. Also, if you ever get the opportunity to take someone who is just about to turn 8 to Disneyworld, I highly recommend you take it. Rob's nephew is this amazing little dude, and watching his face light up constantly was the highlight of the trip.