"But You Don't Have To Take MY Word For It!"

Like most people, I'm generally not a huge fan of doing things by myself, but unlike most people, I actually do them from time to time; sometimes it's the only way I'll get to see a movie or Broadway show, and, at least in the past, it's been the only way to hear my favorite music live.

So it was tonight; Rob had an industry party and I went to a book reading for the author I've just finished working with. I was going to go to his reading in Manhattan last week, but ended up hanging out with a friend, so I went to Madison, CT which is about 40 minutes north of my house, tonight. 5 other people showed up (two at the coercion of the author's mother!), so we all just sat around the table in the upstairs room of this cute little indie bookstore, chatting. It was way, way cooler than being in a room with dozens of other people, which is what most reading/signings are. I had emailed back and forth with him a bunch of times, too, so we knew one another pretty well, and I was one of two people who had read and finished the book. It's so fun to find out what parts of a book are auto-biographical, what inspired certain things, and to pick his brain about "symbolism" and significance. I think I need to be friends with more authors.

If you want to check out his book, it's called Matrimony. The author is Joshua Henkin, his web site is JoshuaHenkin.com and you can buy the book here.