I have made bread! Go me. After activating the yeast, mixing the ingredients, making the dough, letting it rise, kneading the dough, letting it rise, braiding the dough, letting it rise, brushing it with egg and baking it, I was pooped! I invited people over to eat it, because NO WAY was I letting all that hard work go unseen. Eventually, though, I hope to be spitting out loaves left and right, no big deal. Sarah said she figured there was no way I was inviting all these people JUST for bread, so she put a "Congratulations on your pregnancy!" gift in the car, just in case "bread" was code for "special announcement".

As an afterthought, I threw together a batch of gigantic cookies, nearly identical to the giant ones that were in the school cafeteria when we were growing up. I hadn't intended to make them nostalgic, I just wanted them done quickly, so I made them enormous by using the ice cream scooper. They made everyone happy.

Recipe for the bread here
. If you make it, let me know!