Work Work Work

Rob had a slow first day at work as he got oriented. I met him afterward for dinner where he reported that they are making him use a PC. Not just any PC either: he's using a Dell.

"Ewww!" I said, and he agreed. We're snobby.

Dinner was awesome; we went to a cute little Italian place that gave us free olives covered in pepper. After that we had a beer with some of his friends and came home on the train. Rob was up at 5:30am, so it had been a really long day for him. He zonked.

old man glasses now all the rage!

I went into the office I'd been working in (and recently quit) to touch base on some things. One of the other workers quit without notice, leaving my boss high and dry with three major projects, and somehow, my mouth went, "I can do that!".

It's a weird thing; I'm so curious about what my potential is and I actually don't mind the work, but I don't really dig sitting in front of a computer at a desk all day, either. It's so not my thing. It's also hours that I have to work that I'm not really keen on working because of some other projects that I have going on, and I like being home. The dogs are way happier and I'm so much more sane if I don't have to rush out of the house every day. Then again, it would be nice to make the money, and more than that, have a job doing stuff I'm proud of.

Decisions, decisions.