Top Five in the Flag Cake Smackdown... And I'm Officially Grown Up, I Think

Well, I didn't win the second annual ChickChat Flag Cake Smackdown, but I did place in the top five!

And I lost to this. So, not really sad. Especially since the winner is a dude!

My entry was pretty decent, and there ARE the proper amount of stars and stripes! Count 'em!


I'd blog more, especially because I went to THE COOLEST PLACE and met THE COOLEST GIRL, but I have to CRASH. This week is filled to bursting with busy stuff, including a wedding Rob is in, me working a few extra hours tomorrow, and talk of what's next in our lives. It's pretty huge.

This is the first week I feel like a full fledged adult. It's awesome. But I'm soooo tired.