old pictures

I'm on Rob's laptop (within three weeks of having my own, I dropped it. Thank God I bought it with American Express and can get it replaced for free... it's just taking forever. Anyway.)

I noticed his screen saver had great shots, and so I flipped through his entire inventory, and found a lot of fun ones I'd either never seen before, or had forgotten about.

This post is mostly for me.


this is back in late february when we first brought Leeloo home, and she was so skinny and frightened. We bought her a blue coat (even though it looks like a boy-dog coat) because this was the one on sale. I plan on employing the same sensibility on my kids. Sorry, guys.

I'm not normally a fan of dressing dogs, but this was necessary, not fashion. I am not Paris Hilton.

I love this house more than I can tell you.

This is one of the best photos of matty. Years and years from now, when he's long gone, I will use this picture to show people when they want to know what he was like.

I don't want to think about it, though.

This is Leeloo, all awkward legs. A leggy blond! Ha!

dog smile.

Leeloo is yawning here, but it looks like she's trying to sing opera. "LaaaaaAAAAAARRRRRRR!"

This is matty and Leeloo rolling around in something that probably smells horrendous.

This is Micah, Jen's husband, on his 25th birthday (hence the candle). I am jealous of his Thurdercats (ho!) tee shirt. When I was six, I wanted to marry him. I compromised by being best friends with his wife.

this is Sarah and Eric. She was six months pregnant with their daughter. No one KNEW it was a girl, except for me. I just knew.

This is Stu!, Carissa, and Jen, in Jen's kitchen.

This is when we put a santa hat on matty.

This is my Christmas tree with too many lights. I love it. Rob's dear friends Jared, Adam and my friend, Stu!, helped decorate it. (We were tipsy).

I like this picture of me, because I look in it the way I think that I usually look. Sometimes you get a picture of yourself back and say, "I make THAT face?!" This isn't one of those photos.

Our house, ready for the holiday party. 2006

This is our house decorated for our holiday party.

This was a few weeks after we got her, and she's still painfully skinny, although she was eating well and beginning to be less shy.

This was also right when we brought Leeloo home. She and Matty took to one another fairly quickly, although we had those rocky adjusting moments. They're great pals now.