End of the Week Foodness

Ok, so it turned out to be tuna melts Wednesday night, courtesy of my husband. (Dude, p.s.: you left the george forman out... and it's FUCKING SATURDAY. Put it away already!)

Thursday Stu! and I went to Target and I broke down and ordered pizza for the three of us. So I managed 3/4 days eating at home.

Friday we were in Manhattan, and it was Momofuku chicken buns, which I've wanted since March. Like most long-term cravings, they weren't as good as I remembered.

The restaurant is set up like a typical bar, but instead of bottles of alcohol and bartenders, there are stoves, grills, pots pans and chefs bustling around.

I had a perfect view of watching my waiter hand my order over to the cook, who took it and scowled.

"SIX chicken buns?!" he moaned, and I slouched self consciously on my barstool. Only four were for me. And they're small! And I was hungry! And it was all I was having for supper! And they're GOOD!

Still, the two hip, slim New Yorkers eyed me disdainfully for a few seconds, before the waiter turned away and the chef set to work on my oh-so-not-cool order.

I ended up giving Rob the chicken out of my last one anyway. Geeze.

Still I couldn't help asking if they had dessert, mostly because I heard a rumor about mochi ice cream. They didn't have a dessert menu. Or so they said.