They Ruin Everything

I went dress shopping.


I've lost some weight, so I figured I'd enjoy the experience a bit more than I have previously, and actually, I did. However, my boobs are still huge.

I optimistically gathered up a handful of dresses and marched into the dressing room, with grandma outside to give her two cents should I need it (or not.) I wiggled into the first one, which was a killer combo of cream and chocolate polka dots. It was a perfect fit from knees to ribcage, and then, the zipper stopped going up. After a series of futile arerobics to close those last few inches, (damn the zippers in the back!) I stepped out to enlist gram's help.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me, because from the front, I looked pretty damn good. But she couldn't get it up either.

*sigh* I'm getting there. Until then, I think I'm going to have to order larger sizes and have them taken in everywhere except my African heritage bosom.