Wedding Recap!


My hair was amazing. I thought I'd be fine doing it myself and decided to have it done at my regular salon, even thought it meant driving around all morning... it was so worth it.

Getting ready for a wedding is pretty much like getting ready for prom: it's full of perfume and hairspray, giggling girls, and giddy anticipation. It is also arguably more fun than the event itself.

I got to walk down the aisle with two dads, and they were both so cute and proud.

My groom was yummy yummy in his tux. And he cried when he saw me, which made me cry.

I never, by the way, got nervous. I kept waiting, but marrying Rob was as easy as breathing... really. There was nothing scary about it. Jen said she felt the same way and told me, "When it's right, it's right!"

I highly recommend you find someone to marry that makes you feel right.

We wrote our own ceremony, and everyone commented they'd never seen anything like it. We blended Jewish and Christian elements, and it was beautiful.

Rob missed the glass the first few times he tried to break it. His cousin, who officiated part of the ceremony, took it and moved it off the grass and onto the sidewalk for him to stomp. There, it broke easily. Four people commented that it would be the last time he was able to put his foot down. Rob's dad told us the next day that in the old days, if the groom missed, he got neutered. I don't know if he was kidding.

The food rocked. The band was AMAZING. They weren't a typical wedding band (no "the bride cuts the cake, hi-ho the dairy-o!" song), but they played a great version of Hava Nagiela.

I went on the chair. Just for my husband.

We did the Electric Slide. Of course. It was me and Jen and Stu!, and then Rob, and then his dad, which was hilarious. He did it backwards.

My mother, despite having promised me otherwise, got drunk and slumped over in her chair. The under-30 crowd came over and offered their sympathies. It was pretty nasty looking.

I tried to let it go.

The cake topper got a lot of complements. They looked exactly like Rob and me.

Rob's brother made me cry with his speech. He's a good dude.

My dress rocked. I had to get it altered to me, and then I was happy.

We danced, and were horrible, and didn't care.

Our cake was INCREDIBLE.

I love my new ring.

I love my new husband.