Kevin Smith is an Asshole

I'm really selective about the podcasts I listen to, because they take so much time. I've listened to a few episodes of a bunch of different ones; I am currently devoted to just three. Therefore, when Rob asked me if I would give Kevin Smith's podcast a listen, I was hesitant, but I did.

Kevin Smith has a cult following, so I'm sure a lot of people today heard about his irresponsible dog ownership.

He discusses how he bought his first dog from the mall. The dogs from the mall come from "puppy farms" where they breed dogs that look like purebred dogs, but aren't actually. They are often inbred and kept in horrendous conditions. Sucks if you're a mall puppy and don't get purchased while you're small. It's off to the coat factory for you, where manufacturers use dog hair on their coats, and then, legally, call it "faux fur".

Next, Mr. Smith got a dog from a breeder and refused to neuter him on the ground that he should, "Let the man keep his nuts."


Neutering a dog is not demeaning to him; it's good for him! It keeps him friendly and healthy, plus it adds years to his life. I don't understand the macho mentality of not wanting to neuter a dog. A male dog sensing a female in heat will run into traffic, through broken glass and do anything in his power to get to her, even if it is dangerous for him. And the world does NOT need any more accidental puppies!

Somewhere in there, he got a third dog which he paid $4000 for. Go to a shelter, you stupid fucking moron, pick out a dog that jives with your personality, and then make a $4000 donation to that shelter. You'll save a few dozen lives!

Finally, he discussed wanting a miniature daschound. His wife was against the idea, so he waited until she was out of town, and then went to get one. That's the stupidest thing I heard him say; adding a new dog to the family is a serious decision, and not something you surprise your mate with as a joke.

He did not have this new dog spayed, and his much larger, unneutered dog had sex with her, damaging her reproductive organs. He went on to make a hundred gross jokes about it, completely ignoring the fact that he was putting his small dog's life in danger by not neutering his larger male dog or, at least, keeping them separated.

Kevin Smith, you are a stupid moron, you're not funny, and you shouldn't have dogs.