Snow Day

it's been a slow snow day. I did about a dozen loads of laundry (this week has been busy and it piled up), and got some tasks done around the house. I cleaned out the front hall closet and found a couple of pairs of gorgeous shoes I didn't know I had. They would have come in handy last week when I had to go to temple in my old orthopedic shoes that had mud on them. I was ashamed of them, and tucked them under my seat, and all the while three or four pairs of great pumps and flats were in my closet. Anger!

I'm wearing high heels now. Something about being snowed in all day makes me feel blahish, even though I've been very busy doing things around the house, so I've perked myself up by clip-clapping around the house. I might feel better still if I did my hair... it looks like a tornado did it.

I skipped work today; the van just wasn't driving in this weather, and with what I'm getting paid, it was not worth risking life and limb just to show up. It feels luxorious.

Off to continue cleaning out the closet. Unfortunately, there's a lot of dust, too, so I'm all swollen faced and sneezy. Ick.