"ooooo. You Fat!"

i ate a lobster roll, and I don't even care. with french fries. that had salt on them.

I will now go to fitting #1 bloated like a whale, and my Chinese dressmaker will call me fat. No, really, he will. Because the Chinese say everyone in America is fat. Even a friend of mine, who is 5'7 and 125 pounds, was called a "fat American" by the Chinese when she was in China and tried to buy traditional clothing as a souvenir.

At my first fitting, where I got measured, he poked my hip and said, "ooooo! you fat right here!" Grrr.

I still think my dress will rock, though. I'm really excited about it, because it's custom made to my specifications and has a funky detail that is so gorgeous. and I'm going makeup shopping with this chick Carissa. She's Jen's friend, and I shanghaied her into coming to my wedding and helping with the makeup.

Oh yeah. One other thing: i'mturning25tomorrowthatsucksbecausenowi'mold.