Who Is Clarie's Daddy? I Actually Care.

It's being broadcast right. this. second. Who is Clarie's real daddy? Furthermore, why do I care? It's because I'm wedding a geek, and, he sucked me in, with his cool comic book TV show that I watched the first episode of half-heartedly and got SUCKED INTO! I certainly didn't see it coming, but now, every Monday, it is our Must See TV. I'm really excited about this week's episode, which, I mentioned, is being broadcast right now, because there's a huge plot hole about to be filled. Clarie's paternity will be revealed!

You'd think I'd be watching it as it airs, but I do not have the ability to watch a complex television show (and by complex, I mean anything more in depth than Friends) without loosing track completely when a commercial comes on. Thanks to DVR, I've lost my ability to watch live TV (this is particularly painful Thursday nights when Grey's is on. I watch the clock like a hawk until it flicks to 10:00).

Rob is going crazy with my "inability", but he's a great guy, so he promised to wait for me.

Six minutes left. I'm watching in six minutes, even if I have to take my No Pudge Fudge brownies out of the oven raw.

Five minutes...