Purple Rain, Indeed

I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, but because it was football, and I couldn't care less about football, I paid attention to everything else. During the half-time show, I was relieved when my sister-in-law started giggling uncontrollably at Prince's shadow.

Thank goodness, because if she didn't, I'd be the only immature one, and my in-laws already don't like me that much. So we giggled together, and everyone rolled their eyes at us.

And, of course, now there is controversy about it, along with the Snickers commercial GLAAD is angry about (it showed two men kissing accidentally and then making up for it by doing something "manly"... they ripped hair out of their chests). Also, General Motors is coming under fire for depicting a robot who screws up on the job assembling cars and gets fired. His solution is to jump off a bridge, and then he wakes up and we see it was all a bad dream. Anti-suicide groups are in an uproar over that.

This is all Janet Jackson's fault.