The One Where I Cried A Lot

My oldest half-sister Monica came in from Ohio this weekend, and I was excited to see her and Jack, who is now 6-months old. My dad forgot to call me and let me know she'd be around (again); my mom ended up telling me. He always forgets to call when the family is getting together, and I end up feeling like the red-headed stepchild (except my hair isn't red, and I was technically adopted.) No one ever wrote the rule book on what happens when you get adopted by your step-dad at age 16 and then he and your mom divorce when you are 24. I have a hard time figuring out where I fit in. I always have in a lot of situations, because I'm the tiniest bit odd, not the least bit cool, and hopelessly awkward.

I was fine with chalking his not calling me up to an over-sight until, in the car on the way to dinner, my other sister's (Danielle's) fiance mentioned they were going to Vegas in May.

"Oh, cool!" I said. "When are you guys going?" figuring he meant him and Danielle.

He turned to my dad and asked, "Hey, when ARE we going?"


A family vacation had been planned: My dad, Danielle and her fiance, Monica and her husband and Jack, Danielle and Monica's mom who is, obviously, my dad's ex-wife, and Gus, my kid brother. Not me and Rob.

We got to the restaurant, and I made it through the garlic bread before I had to excuse myself. When I got back, I lied and said my red eyes were from dirt on my contacts.

Normally, I don't cry over things that happen to me, because I know things will be better eventually, and, instead of wallowing, I set my mind straight away to fixing it. Rarely is something so bad I have to ruin my makeup over it. But this was. So I cried.

And I cried and I cried and I cried. I cried so hard my eyes swelled to nearly shut. I cried so hard I ruined my clean shirt and had to change. I cried so hard my nose started to bleed, and I cried so hard I threw up, and then cried some more.

I think I'm dehydrated.

OH! And to and injury to insult, I stubbed my toe, and the nail is cracked and bleeding. Like... SERIOUSLY!