About two years ago, Rob bought an iSight camera. Today, Apple puts a camera in every laptop and monitor it makes, but back then, if you wanted a camera, you had to buy this guy.

We had a lot of fun with it. At one party, we had everyone snap pictures of themselves with it when they came in, like a photo booth. Sometimes we would focus it on the dog's cage when we went out. Then we'd be able to sign in to a certain website and check on him. It takes video and still images.

Now Apple has stopped making them, and the demand for them on eBay is insane. Rob put it up and sold it for $250, which is amazing. Two years ago, he paid $150 for it.

It's a great bargain, but I'm still sad; we took great shots with that thing! Rob teased me for being sentimental about hardware, BUT he said the money can go toward a new laptop for me!

Now I feel better.