Yesterday I went to IKEA with my aunt and her two daughters: ages 11 and 13. I don't think I want children that age. The younger one, especially, walks around feeling very "entitled" to everything, and my aunt gives in to her pouty attitude and buys her just about whatever she wants. You can tell it's not an occasional thing, because worthless, plastic, over-priced made-in-China crap is flooding their small living room. It's so ugly.

I'm making a strict "no toys out of the playroom" policy when I have kidbits, and if we don't have a playroom... NO TOYS! Kids don't need toys. And no Bratz or Barbie. I hate the idea of giving little girls caricatures of over-sexualized women to play with. Baby dolls are so much nicer.

I guess I shouldn't judge, because I don't have kids myself. Still, I can't stomach whining or pouting, especially since I've seen dirt poor, under-nourished orphans. May my children be blessed, but not spoiled!

Maybe you just get to the point that you don't have the energy? I dunno.