Am Smug

About a year ago, I got a ticket for parking in a Trumbull park without a Trumbull sticker. After not paying, I finally had my day in court today. Last night in the car, our conversation went something like this:

Rob: You're going to have to pay it. You're in trouble for not having the proper sticker on your car.

Me: Well, I'm still a resident, I just didn't have the proof on my windshield.

Mr. Know-It-All: Doesn't matter.

Me: Well, I'll just I'm a nearly life-long resident; it's at least worth mentioning when I plead my case. I'll say I forgot my sticker, and can they please just excuse the fine.

Ass-Face: Good luck with that. *sneer*

I lectured him on being a cocky know-it-all ass-face and said I'd do whatever I wanted anyhow.

Today I met with the judge and explained the situation, telling her all about the sticker system in Trumbull for the town parks (she wasn't familiar with it), and how I should have gotten a sticker, but I forgot.

"Well, I'm going to let you go." she said, after hearing my story and deliberating for a few moments.

Rob was waiting for me, and we walked out of the court room together. I resisted crowing "I told you so!" for a few moments, not to be modest, but to hold onto the smug feeling for a bit longer. I am not humble.