Vomit... It's My Own Damn Fault

I was sitting at my desk yesterday when one of the women in my office came in from lunch. She was telling me where she went on her lunch break, and mentioned she had to grab a prescription for birth control. I kind of gasped and nearly slid off my chair. She laughed, and asked, "Um, did you space out? I do that all the time."

I did space out. Between the new job and all the wedding stuff, and a family party over the weekend, grabbing a prescription was the last thing on my mind. Now I have to double up for a few days, and I'm so sick. One pill makes me a little queasy, but I take it at night so I can sleep though it. Having to double up and take two makes me miserable, and I woke up all night with stomach cramps and heaving. It's exactly like morning sickness, except with no redeeming, "I'm creating a human life, so it's worth it" sentiment.

I feel green.