The Most Notable Things About '06

I'm jumping on the "my year in recap" bandwagon: The most notable thing that happened in...

...January: Sarah got married!

...February: I got to do the makeup for the jewlery section of a catalog. It was for a store in NYC.

...March: My birthday! I also started Starbucks in Trumbull.

...April: We got engaged!

...May: We bought a house!

...June: This month was spent decorating a lot, and painting, and rearranging.

...July: We impluss-bought a volkswagon and ask ourselves, "Who ARE we? Crazy people who buy cars off the internet?!"

...August: I met Josh Kelley and Ritchie Havens.

...September: I quit Starbucks in Trumbull!
Also, I get to see California!

...October: We had our first Halloween in the new house, and had a great time.

...November: Thanksgiving looked like this: Connecticut, New York, Connecticut, New York. In one day. Also, I discover my in-laws are the spawn of Satan.

...December: We throw the best mulit-holiday party ever!