Eight Crazy Nights? Nah. Just Night 2.

Hanukkah night two was spent at Rob's parent's. It's present insanity! Everyone hands out all of the gifts they brought, all at once, and then everyone opens them, all at once. It's pandemonium. I didn't even get to see people open the gifts I got for them. A few years ago, some folks tried to organize some sort of order, but it didn't work. The living room turns into to a hubub as everyone is exchanging gifts, and then people bunk down in their corners and rip into everything.

Rob's Aunt and Uncle got us a bag with a ton of little things from our registry, which was fun. Two nights ago we were about to buy ourselves a pizza cutter, but didn't, and there was one in there. Another aunt gave us a hilarious assortment of Italian Chef kitchen decorating plaques. I found out it's a continuation on a theme; last year she gave Rob an Italian Chef spoon rest. The year before, it was an Italian Chef ceramic trivet. Her horrible gifts are legendary. When we opened them, it was the one time I was grateful for the chaos in the living room, because she didn't see us doubled over, snorting back laughter.

I was right about the Sephora gift card for Rob's 18 year old, trendy cousin. He fought me on the grounds that gift cards are lame, and I countered with the fact that shopping at Sephora is a gift in itself; the experience of choosing is just as much fun as using the product. I should know! He gave in, and we wrote "Happy Shopping!" on the gift card. She "totally loved it!", and told us on about four occasions. Go me.

Matty got a bone that he was really excited about. He spent all evening chewing it, and when we got home with four or five shopping bags full of stuff, he rummaged through them when we weren't looking until he found it, and took it back to his crate. Sneaky! He was also the recipient of lots of "accidentally" dropped chopped liver. Everyone spoils him.

I'm not sure how I feel about this one gift a night thing. It makes the season spread out more, and it's fun, but I'm used to the Christmas morning gift-fest, so it's a little maddening, too.

I leave you with the cutely dimpled Liam, who just turned seven, and who thought the Ben 10 toys we got him were "really cool".