I'm Ok

My dad invited me out to brunch on Sunday to talk to me about the divorce and find out what's been going on with me and my mom. All he knew is that we weren't getting along, and her side of the story. He wanted to know what my side of the issue was, and I appreciate him "keeping it real" and asking to hear me out. (Not just listening to me when I brought it up, but actually bringing it up himself, which was seriously awesome of him). So we talked, and I felt loads better when I explained everything and had him confirm that I was making good points.

See, just about everyone in the world thinks that they're right all the time. No one ever shouts "We're #2!" at a basketball game, and my idea for a tee shirt that says, "It's All About Others" didn't sell very well. In response to this, I've endeavored not to be like that, but to a fault: I second guess myself even when it's obvious to everyone else that I'm not wrong. It makes me a lousy defender of myself sometimes.

Anyhow, it was good to talk about it with someone other than Rob (who is obligated to be on my side until death do us part) and have him confirm that I'm not "bad" or "wrong" for being angry about some of the stuff I went through growing up. So, now, no more second-guesses for me!

Um. I think.