A Halloween Recap

Halloween was fun, although we ran out of candy and I sent Rob out to buy more. "It's already twelve dollars worth of candy!" he moaned while he grabbed his keys. I admonished him not to be so cheap, and sent him out the door. I put a sign on the door saying, "Ran out of Candy... back in five minutes!" We, thankfully, did not get egged. He returned with two HUGE bags of candy, and we received exactly two more trick or treaters. My peanut butter cravings are covered for a while.

Many folks admired our pumpkins, which we worked pretty hard on, and are very proud of. Sunday Jen came over and we were going to co-carve. My pumpking was easily carved, but her pumpkin skin was too tough to stab through, so I hauled out my college art class set of paints, and she painted hers a REALLY funny face. While we carved (and painted), we watched So I Married An Axe Murderer, which is one of the best movies ever. HEAD! PANTS! NOW! Rob came home and helped with my pumpkin, and then Monday we went and got one for him. So we had two (plus the apple). We filmed it with the time elapse feature in Rob's laptop and YouTubed it. Check it out!

Did you watch it? There's a minute and a half you can't ever get back again.