Ceiling Fan

We have a ceiling fan! We had been talking about one all summer, and never got one while it was really hot, but now it's nice to have it on moving the air around. The living room doesn't get used that often (we have our TV upstairs), so it tends to get "stale" in there. The lighting in the living room was too modern for us, and the bulbs were the kind that are super bright and use a lot of energy, so I'm excited to see those go.

We got the ceiling fan from Lowes. The display was the only one left and they weren't getting any more in, ever, so I asked if I could have it with a discount. We got 25% off! So we saved money AND it was already assembled, although that proved to be a drawback in trying to get it home safely with all the fan blades sticking out. It sat in our living room for a few days until my father was able to come and put it up for us. We're much too un-handy to tackle it ourselves.

After it was up my dad pointed to the reverse switch. "Don't reverse the fan while it's moving." he warned me. (Duh.)

"You mean like I did to yours when I was younger?"

He then threatened to do it to mine (payback!), but I wouldn't let him, so he raided my fridge instead. I drew the line when went to jump on my couches though.