I Make Pretty

Anyone who has known me for any significant period of time knows that I want to be a makeup artist. I decided that I'd try to build a portfolio quickly, and I've had some success with it. I've had two photoshoots with models and professional photographers, both were in Manhattan. It's really exciting. I'll post some of the pictures when I get them back. You can actually see some of them here. Pretty good, huh? When I get good resolution pics, I'll have them up on my website. The only problem is it's really expensive traveling, but I've gotten two paid makeup jobs so far, and I've been gabbing to everyone about my bridal makeup service (I even had one woman in an interview write my name and website down because her daughter is recently engaged). I'm still interviewing for a position in a dental office, just for the income, until, you know, Calvin Klein himself is calling me to work on his next ad campaign and Julia Roberts is booking me six months in advance for the Oscars.

I'm so freaking in love with my boyfriend right now. He's so encouraging of the entire thing, and I really appreciate having the support of someone that loves me. I seriously couldn't do this without him. He draws the line at letting me test out new products on him, though.

So that's what I've been up to; running to New York (I love that town!) living my "glamorous" life. Free makeovers to any ladies who want them, as long as you're willing to come to my house and be put on my website.