Going For Blood

I never thought I'd say this, but roller derby rocked! Rob's friend April is on a roller derby league on Long Island, so Saturday night we went to cheer on scary girls in skates as they went for blood.

These girls are vicious! They wore short skirts, fake blood, and had names like "Rotten Crotch" "Sissy Facekick" and "Mariah Scary". We were there to cheer on "Holly Cide". If you've never seen roller derby, check out this page for the rules. I tried to come up with my own roller derby name. In the unlikely event I sign myself up for Roller Derby (don't hold your breath) I'll call myself "Amber-nition". I also came up with "Pink Death" and one that made everyone cringe: "Mean-stration".

The afterparty was at one of those bars with dim lighting and candles in the bathroom on the back of the johns. Since the hook in the stall I went into was broken off, I placed my purse on the back of the toilet, and I was careful not to knock the candle over. I turned to pee, and when I turned back around, my purse was on fire. I managed to blow it out (and please. take a minute to think about that. I had to blow out my purse!) without causing too much of a scene, but Rob may or may not let me live that one down.