I Killed Wart

Woo! That was fun, and i'm glad it's over.

Christmas at my parent's was more crazy than ever; we had my half-sister and her boyfriend and "Aunt" Virginia and Rob added to just me and my brother, all running around looking for the hidden numbered presents. My mom doesn't like just a huge stack of gifts to be ripped into all at once, so she has a master list of numbers with names next to them. Each gift has a number on it, instead of the name, and is laid out somewhere on the first floor of the house. She'll instruct one or two or three people to find whatever number, and then tell them (when everyone's found the package that they're supposed to find) that they can open it, or if they have to trade with someone. We had a brilliant time.

Hanukka is fun, too. Rob got me a gorgeous vintage piggy bank because I didn't have one; and this "eight nights" thing is a lot of fun. Every night we light the candles and he's been teaching me the prayers.

I went to my first Knicks game on Friday, and it was very cool until Lindsay Lohan showed up and Rob drooled in my hair.

I accomplished my 13-year-old goal of beating Super Mario Brother 2. It took about five hours (and an "infinite number of lives" cheat code, I'll admit) to do it. I should say "we" did. Everytime something got too hard I passed the controller over to Rob (and sometimes he would get annoyed watching me die over and over again in the same spot and would demand I hand it over). Even still, I DEFEATED WART!

Yesterday, I hopped in the shower while Rob was in there, and he offered to scrub my foot with the buffer thing I use to make it soft. This means I had only one foot on the floor of the tub, which is a REALLY BAD IDEA. I wobbled, tipped, and fell over backwards onto Rob who tried to catch me and maintain his balance. We both collasped on the floor of the tub, me on him and him on tile. There was flying soap and water and swearing, and today we're both bruised. I fell a second time trying to swtich places with him.

If you're trying to be romantic, do it safely.

That's all the news. Can you tell, from my lack of actual writing structure, that I'm brain dead? My New Years Resolution is to be not brain dead any more. It's the holidays. And my job. There was a huge stink at work with my manager because I didn't want to work New Years Eve or Day, and I had taken other holidays off, too. I was told I had to work one, so I said New Years Eve in the morning (I don't work past 3:30 anyway). I didn't get scheduled for it, though, so I'm working 8 hours... tomorrow. It is high time to really get my business into action. So there you go. Another New Years resolution.