Kosher Chili

Last night was Rob's first live show with John Charles at the Red Door in Watertown. He had to be there early, so I went up later with my parents and "Uncle Al" and "Aunt Virginia". I pulled my mother onto the dance floor, and we danced like white people, with a bunch of other white people, meaning that everyone on the dance floor was moving horribly. I fit right in!

The "manager" of the group handed me the email sign-up sheet and told me to pass it around to get people on the mailing list. I didn't really want to, but my super-awesome mom cheerfully took the task over and managed to fill an entire page. She had the time of her life flitting around the bar like a blond social butterfly, talking to everyone and getting signatures. Her line of choice was, "I'm just the proud mother-in-law!" Yeah, mom, not yet, but I'm glad you like my choice of sweetie.

Today we stayed in bed until three (it was an extra-lazy Sunday), and then went out and got the ingredients for the chili. I got the bulger wheat, but I didn't have the chili powder or cayenne pepper. I thought they would be on my spice rack, but I was wrong. I spun it around a couple of times, and decided that paprika would do. It's red and powdery and spicy. Rob suggested adding hot sauce.

"I dunno..."
"Try it."

So I shrugged and threw a few shakes in, and then a few shakes more, and it worked! It's actually made out of cayenne peppers. Close enough. I made Rob chop the onions this time, and he cried as much as I had. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Tomorrow starts my new Monday-only job at the dentist and I'm so excited!