Five Points

My hiatus ended early. Miss me? You didn't miss too much. Since we've all been together:

1. Rob and I had dinner at Outback, followed by a trip to Best Buy down the road. We pulled into the parking lot, and I got queasy.

"I don't feel so hot. I think I'll stay here while you go into Best Buy."
"Are you going to throw up?" Rob asked me.
"I might...and I don't appreciate the amused look in your eyes."
Saying Rob thinks throwing up is funny is an understatement. For whatever reason, in one of those "guy things" I'll never quite understand, when people throw up on TV or around him, he finds it hilarious. We were watching a Family Guy episode of the characters vomiting, and I look over, and he's half off the couch dying of laughter, tears streaming down his face, the whole nine. I've never seen him laugh that hard. I certainly didn't want him laughing that hard at me. So I sent him on his way, and, um... yeah, I'll never eat Outback again. Especially not the garlic mashed potatoes. Blah.

2. I got a job! Or at least I think so.

My mom is friends with a bartender (shocked?) that is also a dental assistant. She wanted a few days off of work, and the other assistant that works in the office is going to school to be a hygienist, so she needs a few days off, and I'm more than happy to take the extra gap hours. It's really close to my house and the work is pretty easy. Plus, teeth really excite me. Always will. It's the dentists that make me crazy.

It's actually near my Grandma's house, and I got to drive there on roads I haven't taken in a while. I stopped and got gas at the station I used to go to all the time, and it felt good, SO good, to be there again. Hey, stop laughing! Sentimental values lurk in everyday spaces, pal!

3. My mom got a job!

She completed her course (with extra-super studying help from yours truly) and got a job at some Italian restaurant in Monroe. I'm going to go in and pretend I don't know her. Anyone who wants to join me, let me know. We can give her a hard time (because, you know, I haven't spent the past 24 years giving her a hard time...)

4. I went to see a band that Rob mixed an album for. If you remember, I mentioned he mixed an album for In The Face. He also mixed one for another band at the same time (during the time we had a "tiff" and I stormed out). We went to their CD release party, and he got a copy of the album. We popped it open to read the inside.
"We'd especially like to thank Rob Blatt for all his hard work and dedication..." it began.

How nice.

"His girlfriend left us while he was mixing our album..."

I stopped and looked up. Rob kind of looked panicked. Assholes. I slugged the drummer as he was walking by.

"Who do I need to kill?" He laughed.

"It wasn't my fault!"


5. Christmas is coming, and so is Hanukkah. Last year I was all but ready to say "Fuck Christmas" (actually, I tried, but then Jen said, "If I hear any more talk of people not celebrating Christmas, I will punch them in the face...right in the face. You got that?") I'm feeling more ready for the holiday this year, but, I live with a Jew.

Go figure.

We're still in negotiation about a Christmas tree, however, there will be decorations, and we're discussing a "Christmaunakka" party. No, I'm not doing Kwanzaa!