I despise discussing money. I find it highly personal, and I protect my bankstatements and paychecks from anyone looking at them. I also despise heniously boring blog posts. However, I'm sitting at my desk stewing, and I figured I'd blog about it. I apologize in advance for being boring.

I set aside my rent for July about a month ago. When July first came, I put it in my checking account (it had been sitting in my savings account, separate) and wrote a check to my roommate, who I am technically sub-letting from. Today is the 8th. He hasn't cashed it. (I keep close tabs on my checking account online so if there's a problem, I'll see it right away). I asked him about it. He told me he was going to sign over all the checks to the landlord when he got three checks together; one from him, one from me and one from my other roommate, who just moved in.

It's so unnerving, because now I have no idea when a month's worth of rent is going to suddenly be sucked out of my checking account, and at this point, I'm playing little games with numbers to not make anything bounce. Yes, ultimately I should have kept track of it better, but I don't have the patience to balance my check book (I've tried. It doesn't work. Don't tell me I should try again.) Usually it's alright, but at the moment, I'm peeved. I'm giving him cash from now on.

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