Noses, Police Officers and Coffee

Allergy update: Better since I started sleeping on the couch, still a little bloody nosed. I stopped coughing up blood, though. No sinus infection (keep your fingers crossed... or pray, whichever you do), and my nose-blowing musical repertoire has been extended to not only "Jingle Bells" but "Mary Had a Little Lamb". "Row, Row, Row your Boat" still eludes me.

Upstanding citizen update: Got pulled over last night.

Officer Younger Than I Am: The reason I pulled you over was because that turn you made specifically says "No turn on red" and you turned.

Me: Oh, I know. I always do.


Me: Yeah, one time I was stopped there and sketchy people started walking towards my car, so I drove off. Since then, if it's night I look carefully. Obviously, though, not carefully enough, because I didn't see you.

He gave me a written warning.

Starbucks update: Hehehe. I met five of my co-workers yesterday and four of them are college girls. They all look exactly alike; it's like someone hired all the Abercrombie and Fitch models to come work at our store. They even all have the same color of light brown, stick straight, ultra-shiny hair. There's another girl named Amber, and the manager thinks it's funny to say "Hey Amber" and have us both answer.

As for my Frapp-a-latte skills, I'm still working on it. It couldn't possibly be that complicated...right? Yesterday's training was a bit "much" for me. They like to pack a ton of info into your brain all at once. I'm hoping I'll just "get" it all eventually. (Emily, this is the part where you tell me it's a piece of cake).