All of a sudden I have interviews like "woah!" as they say, but they're not really as interesting as: "ILL Mitch.

Brian asked me the other day what I do all day since I don't work. I was like "um... stuff". But seriously, I'm fucking bored. And I know that the second I start working all the time, I'll be like "man, I seriously had so much free time that I could have ______!"

Oh, and I'm lazy! I was supposed to go to church with Jen and Emily on Sunday and I slept RIGHT THROUGH IT. Until 12:30. I've never slept that late in my life. Now it's almost three and aside from a few phone calls to set up interviews (and lunch; frozen bagels are the only thing to eat around here) I've done nothing. Anyone need a dental assistant? Wearing scrubs makes me much more productive.